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Sharing Our Journeys (SOJ) is a project aimed at telling the stories of older LGBTQ  adults 55+; as well as bridging LGBTQ generations through bringing queer seniors and youth together.

The Storycatcher Project , spread over four monthly social evenings brings older adults together with a mentor to record memories, and create an art project based on them. Separately, younger LGBTQ people develop their own art, based on their experience of queer identity. The social evenings include a simple soup, augmented by dishes brought by the participants. A sharing of thoughts and feelings follows an activity, like a film or a speaker.

Participants came together for the launch of an anthology of their personal narratives, "Sharing our Journeys: Queer Elders Tell Their Stories." Contributors to the anthology joined featured presenters from the inter-generational LGBTQ discussion series, Journeying Together, which ran concurrently with the development of the book. Participants discussed ways we can continue to engage and support the development of LGBTQ community south-of-the-Fraser, with a special focus on older adults.

If you would like to be a part of this conversation, or would like to get a copy of "Sharing our Journeys" (at the low cost of $10 each), please contact Neil Fernyhough, Community Programs Manager, at 604-535-0015 (ext 236) or



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