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Engaging with Our Community at Alex House…

Everyone is welcome at Alex House programs! While we provide programming for specific age groups and abilities, we welcome participation from supported adults and encourage intergenerational interaction at all community events. 

Alex House's community is not just about location, it's a community built on shared values and beliefs. Join us, become members, find out what we do, and more importantly, contribute to and be a part of your community. Supported adults, older adults, and newcomers to our country or our neighbourhood are all part of our community and are welcome participants in all Alex House programs, services and events.

Community is the core of every neighbourhood house. Neighbourhood houses exist for the community, and are of the community. They work within neighbourhoods and between neighbours to strengthen community ties, providing services and resources which in turn, enrich the community. A neighbourhood house is all about grass roots, collaborative community building with programming defined by the needs of the community. Through a distinctively “bottom up” approach, neighbourhood houses take the needs of the people in the neighbourhood into primary consideration, providing them with the tools necessary to cultivate lasting relationships and improve access to needed resources for everyone. 

Alex House events build community capacity and provide opportunities for families and individuals to gather, connect and build a greater spirit of community. The Alexandra Community Garden is a great example of a grass-roots community-led initiative. Throughout the year, many community events are scheduled and during the summer, various weekly activities. 

So You Want to Volunteer?
Would you like to contribute to your community? Share and build your talents and skills? Alex House is a volunteer driven organization that relies on the ideas, directions and contributions of enthusiastic and committed members of our community. We welcome any and all community members with a desire to share their talents and knowledge with their neighbours at activities, programs and events (i.e. education, performance, writing, art, dance, exercise, storytelling, workshops, music etc). Come to us with your idea and we'll see if we can make it happen. 

We’re always looking for committed volunteers. If you’re interested in sharing your time and ideas, please call 604-535-0015 ext 236 or e-mail

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia


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